'Swobodny Społk' is committed to Sorbian/Wendish, free, cultural and artistic creation in Lusatia.

‘Swobodny’ stands for the free spirit and ‘społk’ denotes the community of minds with a fresh imagination, which is a cooperative formally existing since 2021.

With a free space in the mind and on its way all over the world this community wants to open up to unordinary ideas and let creativity flourish.

The Swobodny sspread the Sorbian/Wendish language and culture throughout the world. The programme includes the propagation of Sorbian/Wendish literature, history, the dissemination of unbridled Sorbian art and music, as well as the search for contact with people from near and far.

The Living Społk

The living Społk moves through life with four extremities. Its strength depends on the quantity and quality of its food. The more members support him, the stronger the Społk can be, and the more the Społk can give back to its members and the world.

The Społk has four legs:

Škit Datow