Protyka 2021

Titelbild Protyka 2021

The first project is a trilingual calendar in Upper Sorbian, Lower Sorbian and German for the year 2021. The hand-drawn graphics by artist Annelie Tschemmer put the twelve months of the year into shape.

A2, offset print on matt paper (300g/sqm).

Unsigned calendar: 30€ (+ 7,50€ shipping, up to 4 calendars can be sent in one package).

Signed calendar: 100€ (+ 7,50€ shipping, up to 4 calendars can be shipped in one package)
Limited edition of 100 copies.


Protyka 2021 Wulki Róžk - Jutrownik

Question of identity: Who are we, who do we want to be?

Dragon and snake caught in shaped bodies.

The winter months pass, the hours of sunlight increase again. Light in the darkness.

Shaping of the innocent, untouchable, as a contrast to the Christian holidays of the month.

Protyka 2021 Róžownik - Žnjenc

Beginning of the first festivals. Melodies of the birds and the awakening human resound.

Limbs dance in early summer. New perceptions, chaos of getting to know each other, an interplay.

The sounds of summer drive along louder through the days and nights. Contrast: classical and modern.

A wandering of the eye in the Spreewald. Reflection of the forest as a capture of reality.

Protyka 2021 Požnjenc - Hodownik

Will-o’-the-wisps and the midday woman. A meeting of Sorbian saga symbolism.

Questioning the Self. Reformation: division of the Protestant and Catholic, division of the Sorbs, division of the people.

Month of creative expression. Retreat due to the darker and colder winter days. Creating and playing out.

Month of get-togethers. Hands as a symbol of community.

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