Calendarlet 2022

With regard to the offspring of the lovers of Sorbian culture, the bilingual PROTYČKA 2022 is especially close to our hearts. The Upper Sorbian artist Annelie Ćemjerec (Tschemmer) lets the colours in her works be drawn by her own hand and thus once again gives us the impulse to reflect on our own world, which reflects our self, amidst the comedy of everyday chaos.

A3, digital print on matt paper (300g/m2).

Unsigned calendarlet: 30€ (+ 7,50€ shipping)

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Below us the fish are dancing
Only a few centimetres hold us
We float

Outside, winter awaits us
We warm ourselves with tea and cake
Vespers in the kitchen

Creatively we spend the last cold days together
Between newspapers, cables and the stories of worn socks
We sing and laugh
Come join us!

In how many different ways can eggs be prepared?
At the beginning they are raw, later boiled or fried, maybe even hollow
Painted, printed
Stamped with wax

Invitation to a get-together
Together at table
Bowls of kindness
Chatting and trusting

First touches of blossoming nature
The lush green
The growing flowers
We are also getting closer

The green of summer attracts us
It is warm
We refresh ourselves
A playground of the colours of summer

You and I
Together we walk through the world
The landscape behind us
So richly illuminating
The cloudy sky always with us
The flowers bloom with us
We walk

The clouds thicken and summer fades
Slowly creeping into autumn
The birds are looking for their way to the warm south

Mushroom hunting and cooking pumpkin soup
A playground of autumn
The colourful leaves our favourite hiding place

The hustle and bustle of being

The warm living room
On the carpet our home
Music accompanies the Christmas mood
Handicrafts, playing, singing
Do you find Minka?

Škit Datow