We provide translations (as a service) into the following languages: for Lower Sorbian texts from Lower Sorbian into German from Lower Sorbian into Upper Sorbian ▪ from Lower Sorbian into English for Upper Sorbian texts: from Upper Sorbian into German from Upper Sorbian into Lower Sorbian from Upper Sorbian into English for English texts: from … Read more


The Sorbian Cultural Audiovisual Portal (SKAWP) belongs to the media section of Swobodny Społk eG. The idea behind it is that audiovisual material is recorded in the Sorbian context, which allows insights into the facets of Sorbian life, culture, language policy, rare professions and economy, but also into individual stories and later feelings. The aim … Read more

Serbski Informator

The Serbski Informator (Si) belongs to the media section of the Swobodny Społk eG. The Informator is an online magazine that informs about news in the fields of minority politics, general politics, economy, the world, nature, culture and education. In order for the Informator’s articles to gain coverage, the reports are launched in four different … Read more

Protyka 2021

Titelbild Protyka 2021

The first project is a trilingual calendar in Upper Sorbian, Lower Sorbian and German for the year 2021. The hand-drawn graphics by artist Annelie Tschemmer put the twelve months of the year into shape. A2, offset print on matt paper (300g/sqm). Unsigned calendar: 30€ (+ 7,50€ shipping, up to 4 calendars can be sent in … Read more